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Emulation of Borland Graphic Interface library for MS-Windows (C language)

BGI for WindowsOverview

This package contains emulation library of Borland Graphics Interface (BGI)
for Windows-95/NT. This library strictly emulates most of BGI functions
(except using of non-standard drivers). Also may be mapping of fonts
is not correct. But as far as sources are also available, you can
easily customize them for your application. Unfortunately direct work
with palette colors (setpalette, setbkcolor, write and putimage modes other
than COPYPUT) is supported only for 256-colors Windows mode.
Also I have used this library for only few programs (bgidemo is
certainly the most complex one) so I can't Guaranty that all
functions always work properly. I am also sorry for the lack of
parameter checking in WinBGI functions. So summarizing all above:
WinBGI advantages:
1) Allows you to run your old Turbo-C DOS applications in 32-bit mode
in normal windows. So you can easily overcome all 64Kb limitations
and getting 32-bit application by simple recompilation !
2) Graphics is much FASTER with WinBGI (because native Win32 API
is used with Minimal emulation overhead) in comparison with
original application running in DOS session under Windows
(especially at my PPro-200 with NT).
Also it seems to me that some things (like switching of graphical
pages) are not working properly in DOS mode under Windows-NT.
3) You can use WinBGI for creating non-event driven graphical applications.
For example if you want to write a program which only draws
graphic of functions, it is not so easy to do with windows.
You have to handle REDRAW messages, create timers to output next
graphics iteration... It seems to me that BGI is much more
comfortable for this purposes: you just draw lines or points and do
not worry about window system at all...
WinBGI shortcomings:
1) Handling of Windows events is done in BGI functions kbhit(). getch()
and delay(). So to make your application work properly You should


Fixed some bugs.

BGI for WindowsTech Specs

File Size
Operating Systems
Windows XP, 2000, 98
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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Emulation of Borland Graphic Interface library for MS-Windows (C language)